Specialized Turbo Levo


Specialized Turbo Levo

What ever your thoughts its fair to say that E-bikes are here and with the new range of Turbo Levo bikes from Specialized they have come a long way.

Turbo Levo electric mountain bikes combine all of Specialized’s hallmark mountain bike designs, like roomy top tubes, ultra-short chainstays, and low-slung bottom brackets, with the most powerful pedal-assist technology on the planet. So you’ll get up to 530 watts of pedal-assisted power at your disposal, plus reliable battery lifespans for long rides, all housed in a complete mountain bike package that’s designed to handle like a dream on the trail.

Specialized Turbo Levo Range


Follow Matt Hunter as he puts the all-new Turbo Levo FSR through its paces in Finale Ligure, Italy.

When we wanted to gauge how trail riders would react to our new Turbo Levo FSR, we thought, who better to call than Matt Hunter? And like we expected, he echoed a sentiment that we’ve grown accustomed to when it comes to pedal-assist mountain bikes—”To be honest, I kind of wanted to hate it.

We sent him one anyways.

We weren’t looking for an endorsement to commemorate with a sticker on the down tube or anything, just some honest feedback, and if he was into it, the opportunity to film him riding the Levo for something we had scheduled in Italy. Not too long after, we got the word that Matt was in. “It was super fun, because when you’re riding, you’re still riding. It’s just like you’ve been doping really hard or something—like you’re superhuman.


Right away, when I got on the bike and I pedaled it, I thought of all my friends who love downhilling and love seeing all these trails around here, but a lot of them aren’t keen pedalers. They’re great bike riders, but for whatever reason, they don’t XC that much. And I was like, ‘Oh man, this guy, this guy, and this guy.’ I basically drove it around to people’s houses and was, like, ‘You’re going to be psyched on this.‘”

Maybe it was the promise of a free trip to Finale Ligure, Italy, or maybe it boiled down to him being stoked on the bike, but regardless, Matt found himself in new trail territory with the Turbo Levo in tow. And now with a break from a cold BC winter that relegates riders to short runs on south-facing trails, Matt brought a high energy to ride and we made sure that batteries were charged.

As mountain bikers, we see it much the same—there are preconceived notions, sure, but then we designed the Turbo Levo to surpass them. And what you’re left with is simple and to the point—the Turbo Levo gives you the power to ride more trails.

It delivered a lot of the same feelings that a normal bike ride would, except that it’s really easy to pedal up steep hills…The weight is in a good spot, and the suspension on my bike was superb. The weight allows it to track really nicely, and it feels free of vibration, sort of, because it has a fair bit of mass compared to a ‘normal bike.’ I mean, we were riding rough, downhill kind of stuff and it handled it.