• 3235_chamonixc7hmsblackprimerwhitegrey_85-2_mpsvs

    Gazelle CHAMONIX C7 HMS Gents H7

    Do you ride regularly through the countryside or over long distances? If so it is good to have a bike that can keep up with your adventures. The Chamonix C7 HMS is so versatile it can meet all your requirements.

  • ultimatec11trafficgreywhitegrey_fpsvsultimatec11trafficgreywhitegrey_mpsvs

    Gazelle Ultimate C11

    Whether you cycle to work or use it to go on an errand: enjoy optimum comfort and a great cycling experience. The best Shimano internal hub gears mean an easy ride and easy shifting for you. Leather handlebar grips and a unique high-end quality saddle accentuate the feel of optimum luxury. It means you will arrive in style and enjoy unrivalled comfort on every trip.

  • ultimates2carbonivoryblue_mpsvsultimates2carbonivoryblue_fpsvs

    Gazelle Ultimate S2

    Trekking at the highest level with the lightest weight. Whether you prefer to cycle over the hills or you like endurance trials, the Ultimate S2 gives you a brilliant ride. Its carbon fame is extremely lightweight and extra-rigid. A carbon front fork provides direct and smooth steering. So your best rides will be on your Gazelle.